The New Shepherdstown Public Library’s Habitat Garden and Walking Trails

The new library, situated on nearly four acres, includes a comprehensive pollinator-friendly native plant landscape plan. The library’s commitment to providing educational, health and wellness, and community-building opportunities starts at the curb. The landscape surrounding the library has been designed with native plants and trees to eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other toxic lawn maintenance treatments, and to promote increased water and air quality. The planned gardens are designed to encourage awareness and observation of the natural world, especially the relationship between pollinators and plants. The value of the library space will be enhanced through the creation of communal outdoor areas and managing stormwater. The planned new garden will be rich in native trees, grasses, and flowers, providing an environment and way station for our state’s native butterflies, birds, and other pollinators. The gardens and green space will foster community engagement, enticing people of all ages to connect with nature through relaxation, exploration, and contemplation.

Make your online gift to be a part of this fantastic opportunity to help make the library’s landscape a learning opportunity for “kids” of all ages.

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